Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Babies ^_^

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is food. I love all things food - cooking, eating, going out to restaurants and reviewing. This spring, I decided to extend my love of food and start growing my own. I prepared a little plot in my back yard and made myself a small organic vegetable garden. I grew heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, squash, bell peppers and herbs. It was a lot of fun, but make no mistake - I was obsessed about my garden. I would check up on them every morning and every night. You know, because something might have visibly changed during that time frame. =/ I got worried when I saw anything remotely unhealthy, pruned like a japanese banzai artist and hunted for slugs at 1am. Yeah, I really do love my garden.

Alas, the time has come for us to part. My summer plants will die in the cool of autumn. Sadly, I harvested my last few fruits. Here's the last strawberry. It didn't last long on the counter either - yum! =)

I started preparing my plot for my fall garden. I pulled out most of the barren looking plants and kept the ones with the last straggling bits of fruit on them. I also started planting some pot-friendly seeds for the fall garden. I'm happy to report that surprisingly, 1 week later, some tiny little sprouts were sighted in the pots! Look at my new babies!! =D

I should be expecting some beautiful organic veggies this fall: beets, swiss chard, leeks, kohlrabi and more - stay tuned! ^_^

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